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Jonathan Fox
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a person who lives in a town near St. Louis, Missouri. I have hobbies that include drawing, walking, and video games.

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Skype: FoximalFox
FAVORITE SHOWS: MLP:FiM, Wander Over Yonder, etc
FAVORTITE MOVIES: Bionicle: Mask of Light, Original Star Wars trilogy
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Various ones from Bionicle and MLP: FiM
FAVORITE MUSICAL ARTISTS: Weird Al Yankovic, DJ Cutman, etc.
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: "Weird Al" music
  • Watching: Bionicle-related youtube videos
  • Drinking: water and Pepsi
As many of you might know, there has been images leaked onto the internet that suggest that Bionicle is making a comeback in 2015. There may be some who'd say the images flat-out prove Bionicles return, other's suggest that the images may be fake (albeit, very convincing ones). Either way you look at it, The Lego Company has not given any official word about it, as of late. So here's my own opinion on this business.

Generally, I'm actually interested in a Bionicle relaunch. If sets do come out, I will definitely buy some! I'll try to be at a store where they'd be sold at the initial release. I'll take pictures, too.

For the more specific topics about the possible relaunch, I do have some opinions about that, too. Lets begin with the story.
If Bionicle returns, should we continue where we left off back in 2010? Or is it best that Bionicle just makes a continuity reboot? The latter might be more appealing because it would be easier for newcomers to join in. That was the problem with Bionicle towards the end. The story was really going on and becoming complex, so you couldn't just begin with the characters and story present without going all the way back towards the beginning to get answers to what questions the newcomers might have. (Though in my opinion the 2009 did start start fresh with a new setting and characters. But I digress) So yeah, Bionicle needs to be able to allow new fans to get in to the franchise without much looking back.
So now I bring up another point about the story: Along with keeping the new Bionicle from being too complex, it shouldn't be too simple either. So don't just give us a simple good-guys-go-off-to-fight-the-bad-guys type of deal. Give us more than that. Give us an adventure. Do make characters stop and smell the roses. Speaking of characters, whether we bring back familiar faces or start anew, we should have characters that are interesting and three-dimensional. And for my own personal pointer, tropes are not bad.

And now onto the actual toys. They could try to make something more complex than what Hero Factory had to offer with there figures. Don't just rehash the hero factory builds of 2011 onward. Add back the technic feel that Bionicle use to have! Another thing I'll point out is the coloring of the sets. What would be great for a Bionicle reboot is that we bring in nice, vivid colors. Remember when it use to have teal/turquoise and purple, let's see those colors used again! With colors in mind, what about bringing back the collectable mask packs (if kanohi mask return)? The masks in a variety of colors would be great, but I heard somewhere (maybe bzpower) stating that those packs weren't ever really popular, and stopped making them in 2007 to the end of Bionicle. So that might be a no.

So in all, I actually kinda look forward to Bionicle relaunching in 2015. It'll be good to relive my childhood, since Bionicle was a highlight of that time period.

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